Gas and Smoke Analyser

Gas and smoke analyser

17” Colour graphics with easy to follow prompts make MOT emission testing simple, fast and efficient.
The smoke option features the latest fast pass test software.
Integrated vehicle data base.
Unrivalled flexibility with PC systems and optional radio remote control allowing full MOT operation from the vehicle.


The trolley is purpose designed to accommodate a PC, printer, gas, smoke and all related probes. Ruggedly constructed, this unit is easy to manoeuvre and features lockable wheels.

The PC features a 17-inch colour monitor, 40 GB hard disk with Intel 2.0 Celeron processor and 128Mb of RAM. The 48 times CD ROM and floppy drives combined with 4 USB and 2 serial ports gives total flexibility. An A4 printer connects via a dedicated parallel port. The PC also comes with a PS2 keyboard and mouse.

Utilising the Windows XP operating system the PC also connects to the Internet via an optional modem


The gas petrol emissions tester has been designed to meet all current VOSA specifications and requirements including the MOT computerised testing programme.

The latest solid-state infra-red technology offers increased reliability and stability with a reduced warm up time of only 5 minutes.

The unit complies with the most stringent OIMLR99 Class 0 specification as required by the VOSA and also has a dedicated serial interface for a VOSA card reader. A second serial interface allows connection to a EOBD serial diagnostic device for complete emissions diagnostic checks and to meet possible future VOSA requirements.

There is an oil temperature probe for measuring engine temperature and a standard inductive RPM pick up for engine speed measurement. A universal magnetic RPM pick up is available as an optional extra.



The smoke diesel emissions tester meets Category A and B specifications allowing testing of all MOT Class 4, 5, 6 and 7 vehicles.

The unit is lightweight and compact making it easy to move to a vehicle and with an optional handset becomes totally mobile. The smart internal battery management system allows the unit to test and charge at the same time. The Low mass head means faster warm up and with the oil temperature being measured from the gas saves both time and money.